Accredited Teachers

The Tantra-Essence Team are skilled and experienced Tantra Practitioners who have trained extensively with Sarita and may co-teach with her. They are also accredited by Sarita to lead Tantra-Essence courses themselves.

Soul Mate Training for Couples Master Lover Tantra Spirit Sex to Super-consciousness Mystic Tantra Massage Sacred Sexuality Tantac Empowered Woman
Chintan Levels 1-7 &#10003 &#10003 &#10003 &#10003
Heidi &#10003 &#10003 Module 4
Suta Levels 1-7 &#10003 &#10003 &#10003 &#10003
Soham Level 1-2
Roxana Levels 1-3 &#10003 &#10003 Module 1 & 3
Vincent Levels 1-3 &#10003 &#10003
Niten Levels 1-3 &#10003 &#10003 &#10003
Santoshi Levels 1-3 &#10003
Dhyandeepa Levels 1-3 &#10003 &#10003 Module 1
Nisarga Levels 1-3 &#10003 &#10003 &#10003
Madhuri Module 3


Chintan, from France, has been meditating for over 30 years and practising Tantra since 1998. After training with Sarita he has been her co-teacher at many workshops for couples and individuals. Heidi guides people in finding their inner depth through Tantra and nature-based self enquiry. She is a vision quest guide and energetic healing practitioner. Hr joy is being allowed to witness and hold others on the path of daring to live and love.
Suta facilitates Tantra events in the UK and Europe as well as co-teaching with Sarita. A skilled bodyworker, he has a passion for meditation, sound and movement as a path of transformation. Soham has more than 15 years experience as a holistic therapist and has been following the Tantric path with Sarita since 2003. She co-teaches with Sarita and leads courses in Colour Light Therapy and Tachyon.
Roxana trained with Sarita since 2004. She is a graduate of Jason Shulman’s Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and a Steiner schoolteacher. Her unique teaching style is woven from this experience. Vincent studied with Sarita since 2004, is trained in Jason Shulman’s Non-dual healing and the Mankind Project’s New Warrior Training for men. His approach to Tantra integrates modern living with a conscious path of awakening.
Niten leads Tantra courses worldwide with his beloved Santoshi and co-teaches with Sarita. After years of personal transformation, with insight and humour, he invites people to break through old patterns and conditioning to reunite with their essential nature. Santoshi facilitates Tantra, Women groups and Osho Meditative Therapies. She trained at the Osho Multiversity in India where she taught for 12 years and trained in Soul Mate for couples with Sarita. She now teaches worldwide, mostly with her beloved Niten.
Antigoni Dhyandeepa has trained with Sarita since 2008. In the work she has developed, she combines Tantra with Breathwork, Primal Childhood and Sexual Deconditioning, and Transactional Analysis.
Nisarga is a gifted body worker specializing in Rebalancing, Myofacial Energetic Release, Lomi Lomi Nui, Tantric Massage, Reiki, and Bio-Dynamic Breathwork. He brings his passion for the body, energy and meditation into Tantra.
Madhuri taught Psychic Palmreading, Mouth of the Dragon training, Dreamwork, and Women’s groups at the Osho Mystery School. Tantrika, meditation teacher, psychic and Human Design consultant, she’s helping start a healing centre in England.