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Hi Dear Sarita,

I have a question but I don’t know whether I should ask it from you. I hope it is okay. I love Osho and my question is: What is Osho’s view on masturbation? Is it natural or not? Is it good or bad? What does Tantra say about masturbation?

Thanks a lot with deep love,



Hello Navid,

Masturbation can be a preparation for deep Tantric Lovemaking with a partner, and can also be a blissful experience of loving oneself, and even an experience of making love with the universe. There is a beautiful meditation taught to me by Osho, which I love to share in some of my groups. In this meditation, you can activate energy in the sex centre, and then allow this energy to move upwards. Instead of focalizing your attention solely on the genitals, allow this powerful energy to be felt through the entire body. This opens a new pathway, from sex to superconsciousness. Let go of any goal, and just become a river of life force energy. Instead of the energy moving down and out as it does with genital release, this will give you an experience of becoming orgasmic in your whole body. In this way, you can go on playing with waves of orgasmic energy for at least 40 minutes. Then sit in meditation.

You can do this meditation inside in your bed, and if you can find a place alone in nature, you can also do it in nature, and sense yourself making love with the tress, the earth, the stars, the sky. Lovemaking is not just a sneeze! When we learn to cultivate our life force, it becomes fuel for waves of ecstasy which can be felt anywhere, anytime. In this way, you become an emperor of love, meaning a person who overflows with love and joy. Ecstasy is our birthright, if we but know it.

I recommend you read my book, Divine Sexuality, and this will give you many insights regarding your question.

Love and Blessings,


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