Buddha meditation Meditation Retreats

The Welcome Home Wellness Retreat in Dole, France: Nourish and come home to yourself with Meditation, Yoga, Massage and Superfoods. Taught in English and French starting spring 2013.

The Tantra Meditation Retreat in Dharmsala, India is held in November and has been running since 2006. It is based around the 112 Shiva sutras in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

The Zoe Retreat is held in Greece during the time of the August full moon – a significant event in the mystery school traditions. It supports you to fully celebrate the unique life that you are.

Welcome Home Wellness Retreat

This retreat is held in the magnificent and relaxing Chateau Bellevue in Dole, France, where Sarita lives for part of the year. She would like to welcome you to the joy of coming back home to yourself in this nurturing atmosphere. Her co-teacher, Nisarga, is expert in numerous forms of massage, yoga and other healing modalities. These elements are woven into the general course format.

Chateau Domaine BellevueWe begin our day with Yoga and Meditation. After a nurturing superfood breakfast with Sarita’s Green Smoothie, we will be walking in the magical forest behind the Chateau and sitting for meditation in nature. After a leisurely lunch, we will learn and exchange massage. Before dinner, there will be time to share and to ask questions. And after dinner, we will have dancing or special uplifting films.

When meditation, conscious touch, recharging in nature and high quality food are experienced as a lifestyle approach, a new perspective is born and a harmonious life is effortlessly attained. This group is truly, a gift worth giving to yourself or to a friend.

The food we will be eating is high quality organic cuisine, designed for maximum detox and health giving benefits.

Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda SaritaSarita says: “I want to share a space of being relaxed and at home with people from all around the world. The Chateau is a place to resource and enjoy health and wellbeing. People often ask me to share my secrets for radiant health and joy. By offering this group, I am sharing my lifestyle, what I love and am recharged with. This may inspire you to discover new possibilities for fulfilment in natural and harmonious ways.”

Nisarga yogaNisarga says:Working with people and using different types of touch brings joy to my life and to those receiving the touch. While engaged in massage I am grateful to the client for their trust, and to the universe for so many blessings, while deepening my awareness of beauty and love which is in every being. My personal experiences have shown me that sharing conscious touch and working with the body is a path to awareness and love. The Welcome Home Retreat is about coming fully back home to our bodies! This means, being fully present, here and now. I look forward to sharing the synthesis of my experiences with you during this retreat, going on journeys together with massage, conscious eating, body awareness and meditation, and expanding in joy, love and pleasure.”

Zoe – Embodied Enlightenment

Zoe in Greek means ‘Life Eternal.’ In Japanese the same word means ‘Uniquely different.’ This annual week-long summer retreat is held during the time of the August full moon – a significant event in the mystery school traditions. It supports you to fully celebrate the unique expression of the one life that you are. Come play with us for seven days of Meditation, Ritual and Tantra combined with sensual delights of the natural world as we rejoice our essential divinity and passion in a fully embodied enlightenment.

The body is an exquisite calibrator for full awareness and presence. Absorbed in the present moment we enter kairotic time and open to eternity. When we are deeply immersed in the infinite and at the same time in conscious communion with our physical body and the natural world, we stand in the great waterfall of being. Owning and grounding our experience of enlightenment combines spiritual and material power in a field of love, resulting in the capacity to manifest our unique gifts for the benefit of humanity and the planet as a whole.

The collaboration of Bruce and Sarita teaching together is a potent combination and a unique gift. They inspire the awakening of spirit within matter and to be with them is to remember our essential divinity and empowered sensuality.

This group is designed to open a portal directly to source, so that the lightning strike of Eternal Life is fully earthed in the moment-to-moment experience of being here, in heaven, on earth. When spirit and flesh dance, the fruit is a wild creative joy and the one taste is: Zoe

Tantra Meditation Retreat

During a Tantra Meditation Retreat we practise Tantra methods, taken from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, a 5000 year old scripture comprised of 112 methods for the expansion of consciousness.

The build-up, refinement and transformation of many facets of life force energy during this retreat invite an orgasmic awareness of one’s full sensual being. Within a few days, you may sense an on-going ecstatic connection between body and soul, matter and spirit. It is a rare opportunity to explore these powerful Tantra methods, in a highly supportive environment. In this way, we distil the nectar of our inner being to its ultimate potency.

The retreat is offered once per year. Each year for three consecutive years, we offer one third of the 112 methods. This means, over a three-year period, you have the opportunity of practising most of the methods offered in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. There is no sequential order to follow however, and no requirement to participate in all three. It is your choice.

Group Structure

The group structures are designed for both couples and singles. Included are:

  • silent and active meditations
  • movement and dance
  • Tantra rituals, group / partner exercises, massage
  • group sharing
  • periods of silence

Sarita DancingSarita says: “I am ecstatic to have the opportunity of offering this retreat in Dharmsala, India. This is a region which was an important cradle of Tantra in ancient times. By offering this group in Dharmsala, I feel an auspicious circle is completing. It is both a homecoming and a beacon of hope for the renewal of Tantra on this earth.”

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