Tantra Teacher Training

It has become very apparent that Tantra is an ever growing and expanding market throughout the world. Sarita and several members of her team are overwhelmed by the demand for groups in more and more countries. It is important for the well-being of people everywhere that quality Tantra spreads to as many places as possible to help evolve consciousness, love and bliss in this world.

For many years, Sarita has been offering teacher training only on an apprenticeship basis. This means that those dedicated individuals, who feel Tantra is their soul calling and want to move into teaching, have had to follow her around the world, participating in as many groups as possible and working their way into becoming Helpers, then Assistants, then Apprentices, and finally Co-Teachers. This is a very time consuming and expensive way to become a Tantra Teacher though it has produced some of the finest Tantra Teachers this world has to offer.

Now Sarita is offering a residential Tantra Teachers Training programme consisting of two three week workshops spread over two years. The training will be given in English and French.

The training is based on the Sex to Superconsciousness series of weekends. These weekends move through the chakra system in an experiential way. One weekend covers one chakra at a time. By the end of the first year of the Tantra Teacher Training, the graduates should be able to teach chakra weekends 1-4. By the end of the 2nd year, graduates should be able to teach chakras 5-7. As the chakra system and its inherent lessons forms the backbone of all Tantra Teaching, this training will empower budding teachers to not only teach these 7 weekends, but also to evolve their own creative style of Tantra teaching.

Sarita says “It has been my supreme joy to see my apprentices flower into teachers. I very much look forward to offering a hothouse environment for growing Tantra Teachers with this new Teacher Training programme”.

To enrol on the training, it will be necessary to fill in a questionnaire and have an interview with Sarita or one of the other co-teachers. As part of this process, you may be asked to prepare yourself by doing some extra training in some aspect of personal development, which may be deemed necessary in order to boost your experience and confidence for becoming a Tantra Teacher.

Download the questionnaire as a Word Document or as a Adobe PDF Document

“As I completed the seven level couples training with my love Vincent, I fell in love with tantra and especially with Sarita herself. When she invited me to assist in order to learn more I jumped at the chance to be with her and benefit from the joy, wisdom and utter delight that she brings to her teaching style. From this loving encouragement the opportunities to teach arrived and Sarita guided, inspired and even pushed me on.
Knowing how deeply tantra had transformed my relationship to my body, my sexuality and how profoundly healing it was I could not but want to share it. The transformation that had taken place in my relationship with Vincent over the tantra training years was immense and I believed more than once it saved our relationship in moments of painful crisis.
As I stepped into teaching, Sarita was relentlessly thorough in giving me the support and coaching I needed. Another dimension of the depth of her lived experience and knowledge on this vast subject was revealed as she began to teach me to teach. She brought out the teacher in me in such a way that I could grow and expand into the role without feeling overwhelmed. In particular she reflected my abilities and gifts, even when I couldn’t see them myself. She also saw my shortcomings and brought them to light with clarity, kindness and a clear direction forward to improving my work. Anyone who steps into the amazing calling to be a teacher of tantra will be nourished, inspired and given an extremely high calibre training with Sarita as their guide.”
– Roxana

“Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita is a contemporary Tantra Master of the highest caliber. She clearly embodies the essence of the ancient teachings of Tantra, bringing it back to Life in a magnificent and profound way. Her wisdom comes from the beyond. Her teaching includes a wide variety of Tantric methods which can be life transforming. She has touched many Hearts and Souls including mine.
For the last 16 years, I have been under Her guidance, receiving several Levels of Initiation, which, to this day, are still in full blossom. As a Tantra facilitator, I am eternally Grateful for the deep transmission that I’ve received from Her. For anyone who is sincerely dedicated to the path of Tantra, I would highly recommend the Teacher Training which gives solid and reliable foundations to become a gifted facilitator. All participants will benefit from Her powerful transmission.”
– Niten

“I chose the Tantric Path 5 years ago, after participating in a Vigyan Bhairav Tantra group with Sarita in India (the annual Tantra Meditation Retreat). This was my first Tantra group and transformed my life. I was blessed and happy I had a chance to meet Sarita and continue learning with her. In that group I also met my soulmate and we both decided to participate in the 3 year Tantra Soulmate Training created by Sarita, which is now taught around the world. Sarita is a very compassionate, wise and knowledgeable teacher. Her presence and love create a sacred space for teaching. Sarita is also able to recognise people’s individual gifts and how best to allow and enable those gifts to flourish and expand. Sarita’s wisdom and life experiences provide an amazing platform for students to find and understand what is their soul calling. She is a teacher who not only teaches, but also initiates her students transforming knowledge into experience. To be a Tantra Teacher in Tantra Essence School is a great honour for me. Working and sharing my skills with other Tantra teachers and supporting people to find joy, happiness and love is very meaningful for me. Every day I am grateful for my life and for discovering Tantra and Sarita.”
– Nisarga