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How the live Q&A sessions work

A chance to share your experience and ask Sarita via a live Chat Room. Sarita often includes a live group meditation in the latter part of the session. Wherever you are in the world, you will be able to see her on a live video feed. All you need is a broadband connection and, if you would like Sarita to be able to see you too, a webcam. If you have a question for Sarita, you type it in the chat box or you can use the private message chat box so only Sarita will see your question & this way you can remain anonymous if you wish. Subscribers to the series will also be able to email their questions to Sarita in between classes. Sarita will select questions to answer and her replies may be by email or she may answer in the next live Q&A session.
The Chat Room is fun and easy to use. We have prepared a Guide to the chat room to help you. If this is all new to you, great! Have a little play in the Chat Room before the live Q&A sessions start, so you can familiarise yourself and get the most out it.

Continue reading for Quick Guide or skip to Detailed Guide.
(N.b.both these guides are also available in the chat room window for easy reference when you are in a live Q&A session

Quick Guide

1. Log on to www.uisca.org

2. Access chat room via the ‘Virtual Campus Catalog’ tab, expanding the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra series menu and selecting the appropriate ‘Sarita Live Event’.

3. Login as Member
You may need to login as Guest first time, then ‘Join’ via the ‘Main Menu’.

4. Enable your webcam if you wish (maximum of 6 users) by clicking on ‘Send AV’ under your name in the top ‘webcam gallery’. You may need to change your webcam settings – for PC users, right click and go to ‘settings’. If you are using your webcam in another program (e.g. Skype) that it won’t work in the chat room, so make sure you close down all other programs that may be using your webcam first.

5. Introduce yourself in the ‘Conversation Area’ with your city and country.

6. Ask Sarita a question typing it in the Conversation Area or ask it privately by selecting her name in the ‘User Area’ and selecting ‘Private Chat’.

7. Request the mic by using the button below the ‘User Area’ (please use a headset).
N.B. We are unlikely to use this function due to feedback problems.

8. Avoid offensive behaviour or risk being temporarily kicked our or permanently banned from the chat room.

9. Logout via the ‘Main Menu’.

10. Queries and feedback to Sidika at online@tantra-essence.com

Happy chatting!!!

Detailed Guide

1. Login to the UISCA website

Go to www.uisca.org.

Register if you haven’t already done so using ‘Register’ button at the top right of the page, otherwise ‘Login’.

Enter the email address you sued when registering [Tick ‘Remember Login’] and click ‘Login’.

Enter you password and click ‘Login’.

Your username should now appear in the button at then top right of the page.

If you have forgotten your password, click ‘Retrieve Account Information’, enter your email address, the security code given and click ‘Send’. Your password will be emailed to you.

2. Login to the Chat Room

Click on the ‘Virtual Campus Catalog’ tab on the blue/green navigation bar at the top of the page.

Click on ‘+’ next to ‘Vigyan Bhairav Tantra series (1/2)’ – you should now be able to see all the course modules.

Click on the appropriate ‘Sarita Live Event’ – you should now be in the chat room.

2.1 Login as a Guest

If this is your first visit to the chat room, enter a name in the ‘Display Name ’ box under ‘Guest Login’ in the ‘Membership Properties’ box and click ‘Login Guest’.

A message will appear in the ‘Conversation Box’ saying “User (your name) has entered the chat” and an icon (blue for boys, pink for girls! with a different icon if your webcam is enabled) will appear with your name in the blue/grey ‘Users box’ on the right.

2.2 Using the ‘Conversation Area’

To send a message that everyone in the chat room will be able to see, place your cursor/mouse in the empty white chat box below the ‘Conversation Area’, type something and click ‘Send’.

Your message will appear in the ‘Conversation box’ preceded by your name. If you want to format your text messages, click on the Bold, Italic, underline, Font size, Font or Colour buttons above the ‘Chat box’. You can also attach a ‘Smiley’ icon to the end of your message.

You can clear the contents of the ‘Conversation Box’ by clicking the ‘Clear button’ – e.g. to avoid having to scroll through the conversation history to see the latest messages.

As a Guest, you can send text chat messages in the ‘Conversation Area’ and use the Private Chat feature (see later), but you cannot connect via your webcam or microphone. Users are highly recommended to Login as a Member rather than a Guest.

2.3 Login as a Member

To obtain your Member Login Information, click on the ‘Main Menu’ button at the top right of the Chat Room.

Select ‘Join’.

Enter your real name in the ‘Username ’box.

Create a password (and keep a record of it – probably best to use the same password you created when you registered on the UISCA site).

Enter your age and gender – this is optional, but gender is very useful as for some questions Sarita would have a different answer, depending on whether a man or woman is asking the question.

Enter the name you want to use in the ‘Nickname’ box (Optional). This can be a real name or an alias and will be the name shown that precedes your messages or questions in the ‘Conversation Area’ or the ‘Private Chat’ box; your identity in the ‘User Area’ and also above your picture in the webcam area at the top of the chat room. If the ‘Nickname’ box is left blank, your Username will appear by default.

Enter your email address. N.B. this is essential for the joining process.

If you would like to upload a photo of yourself or an avatar, enter the location of the image and click ‘Import’.

Finally, click ‘Join’.

You can check on your profile details by clicking on ‘My Profile’ within the ‘Main Menu’ options.

Close the ‘Members Properties’ box by clicking on the ‘X’ in the top right corner.

2.4 Enable your webcam if you have one

To enable your webcam so that Sarita and everyone else in the chat room can see you, click on the ‘Send AV’ button under your name at the top of the chat room – in the ‘webcam gallery’. N.B. A maximum of 6 users at a time can use this feature. It might be good to leave one space available e.g. if Sarita is answering someone’s question, that person has the opportunity to enable their webcam (send AV) during the answer if they wish.

You may need to change your webcam settings – for PC users, right click and go to ‘settings’. If you are using your webcam in another program (e.g. Skype) then it won’t work in the chat room, so make sure you close down all other programs that may be using your webcam first.

Click ‘Allow’ in the pop-up box. N.B. You will not be recorded – we do not have the technology!

You should, now be able to see your live video image under your name. N.B. you will see that your microphone access is barred. If you wish to speak to Sarita (and everyone else in the chat room), you can click on the ‘Request Mic’ button below the ‘User Area’. Sarita could then choose or not to let you speak. Due to time delays and feedback issues, it is unlikely we will use this option, but you never know! If you think you might like to share on the mic, please make sure you are using headphones (rather than your computer or external speakers) so that feedback is minimised.

2.5 Set your ‘User Properties’ (optional)

If you click on your name in the ‘User Area’, a ‘User Properties’ box will appear with the following options:

Request Mic – We are unlikely to use this feature.

Profile – Shows your profile information. N.B. If other users click on your name and then Profile, they too can see this information.

Private Chat – unavailable when you click on your own name.

Block user – Available only to presenter.

Set Status – You are unlikely to need this, but it means that if you need to leave your computer for a minute or two, you can let everyone know you will be back soon.

Disable/Enable Private Chat – Use this if you don’t want other users to be able to Private Chat with you (Generally, leave enabled).

Disable Profile – Use this if you don’t want other users to be able to see your Profile details.

3 To ask Sarita a question

3.1 Asking your questions publicly
Use the ’Conversation Area’ to type in your question and click ‘Send’

3.2 The Private Chat function

Click on the name of the person you wish to chat with in the User Area’ to the right. This will generally be Sarita.

Click on Private Chat in the ‘User Properties’ box.

You will see a blue/grey pop-up box saying ‘Requesting a Private Chat with Sarita (or whoever)’. A green bar at the top will say “You are in Private Chart with Sarita (or whoever)”.

If Sarita accepts your request, you will see the box turn white and a white bar appear beneath it. Type your question or feedback in this chat box and click ‘Send’. Your message will now appear in the Private Chat box, preceded by your name, but will be visible only to you and Sarita.

When your question has been answered, Sarita will close the Private Chat box with you and you will see a message “Sarita has left the chat.” You can then close your Private Chat box. Feel free to ask Sarita another question privately by following the same procedure.

3.3 Will Sarita answer every question?

Sarita will do her best to answer all your questions. If the Conversation Area is very busy and it looks like Sarita hasn’t seen your question, please type it in again.
For questions asked via the Private Chat box, it may be that Sarita decides not to answer your question at this time. If she decides to deny or block you when you request a private chat, you will see a message in the pop-up box: “Sarita has denied your request for a private chat.”

She might deny your request if she has questions waiting from other people who haven’t yet been answered, in which case, try again a bit later.

She might block your request if you have been making a nuisance of yourself, in which case the Private Chat option will be unavailable to you. (Very unlikely we hope!!!)

If Sarita ‘Allows’ your Private Chat, you type your question and then you get a message saying “Sarita has left the chat”, this means that Sarita has read your question but has decided not to answer it. It may be that she feels this has already been covered or for some reason is inappropriate. Please don’t feel offended. You can always email Sarita if you decide you would like more clarity on something.

3.4 Sarita might request a private chat with you

You will see a blue/grey pop-up box which says “Sarita is requesting a private chat. Click ‘OK’ (this isn’t an option, it refers to ok!) to confirm or close window to cancel.” This refers to closing the window by clicking on the cross in the top right hand corner. There are 3 options to choose from – Accept, Deny or Block. Hopefully you will ‘Accept’!

N.B. Currently, only the person who requests the Private Chat can type a message or question in the Private Chat box.

4. Requesting the Mic – this is a possible option (depending on technicalities)

If you would like to speak with Sarita, or she invites you to take the mic, click the ‘Request Mic’ button below the ‘User Area’. You will see “(requesting mic)” by your name in the ‘User Area’. If Sarita accepts your request and sets you as speaker, your webcam picture will expand and you will see that the microphone is now available. When you speak you will see the volume level move in your webcam box. Please ensure you are using a headset (headphones and mic) rather than external speakers to minimise audio feedback problems.

5. Chat room behaviour: Warning!

If you are offensive in the chat room, Sarita will kick you out of the chat room and you will see your login screen appear. If you have been only mildly offensive (in Sarita’s opinion) you will be able to log back in again after a few minutes.

If you have been very offensive (in Sarita’s opinion) or are a repeat offender, Sarita will ban you from the chat room. You will still be able to watch the videos but you will not be allowed to use the chat room in this or future sessions.

6. Log out

To Log out, click the ‘Main Menu’ button at the top right, then the ‘Connect’ button then ‘Logout’.

Logout from the UISCA site (unless you wish to watch one of the videos).

7. Problems or feedback relating to the Chat Room

For technical difficulties, please send a support ticket to UISCA via this link.

For any other queries, please email Sidika at online@tantra-essence.com

For further information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions