Testimonials from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Webinar

The Tantra experience is life-changing for me. I find it very effective for my spiritual growth, improving relations with myself and others, with emotional completeness and blossoming into a full ripe woman-love goddess. It is a very exciting adventure and sharing with lots of yummy people is fab.
Tantrika, West Midlands

Being part of the online community with Sarita is fantastic. It is exciting and wonderful to hear and share everyone’s experiences and questions. It is beautiful to share in each other’s growth and understanding, love and expansion as the course develops and as we do, thank you for the opportunity!
Sharmila, Lancashire

What a great opportunity this is! The web is such a great medium and this is the perfect way to open up and make meditation and Tantra available around the world. I find it exciting to participate with others in the online classes with Sarita where she is sharing her wisdom and wealth of experience and humour and giving individual step by step support. When I practise the meditations I feel I have a beautiful friend guiding me and holding my hand when I need it. I live in Germany, so how wonderful to share this experience with other friends in different countries. It is lovely to be connected with everyone.
Shantidas, Germany

Listening intently to Sarita’s embodied wisdom and melting into her sweet smile my spirit sings to have her here in the comfort of my living room, on my computer screen. In having a guide such as Sarita we benefit from the subtle and potent transmission of a master who is committed to this path of learning, having lived and digested it over the last 37 years, many of them spent at Osho’s side. We receive the fruits of her long practice. I encourage anyone and everyone to taste this fruit. Whether we are single or in a couple, able or not to accompany her on the retreats in Croydon Hall, India and elsewhere, we can dedicate time for our own practice and participate from our own homes in this precious work of awakening.
Roxana, London

There are very few women living and teaching today, who having been born in the West, then spent nearly half their life living in the East learning from one of the last century’s most profound and wise Masters, Osho. Sarita bridges East and West and has a profound experiential understanding of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. I personally have learnt so much from her talks and exercises associated with its sutras.
Swami Bodhi Chaitanya, Wiltshire

What amazed and delighted me was the strength of the transmission which I felt from Sarita and the power which could be felt when we meditated as a group. I’d never thought of the internet as a subtle communication medium but somehow it worked. Maybe it was the concentration of intent that connected us all together on a subtle energetic level which functioned in parallel with the electronics.
Tameer, France